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Advanced Aesthetics is pleased to offer LATISSE® 0.03% (bimatoprost opthalmic solution) as an effective, at home,  alternative to eyelash extensions.beautiful-eyelashes

LATISSE ® is the first and only FDA-approved prescription treatment for  hypotrichosis (another way of saying inadequate eyelashes). It is a once-a-day  treatment that involves applying LATISSE ® to the base of your eyelashes every evening. Clinical studies have shown that  78% of people using LATISSE® saw significant improvement  in the length, fullness and darkness of their lashes. Although a few people will start noticing changes after 4 weeks of treatment, most will begin to see improvement after 8 weeks.

The full effect of LATISSE ® occurs at 16 weeks. The effect of eyelash growth is expected to abate following longer terms  discontinuation.

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